What Have I Learned?

As the sun set on the 2015 Annual Meeting, AABB staff talked to attendees about their experiences. Specifically, we asked what new concepts or data they learned during their time in Anaheim. Here is a sampling of the responses:

“I learned about disaster preparedness and designing a new lab.” —Theresa Downs

“Holly is retiring!?! Best of luck to her. —Anonymous

“Important new FDA guidelines/regulations will take effect on May 23, 2016.”—Candy Tretter

All about hepcidin.”—Karen King

“The transition to molecular testing is picking up speed.”—Dawn Rumsey

“The new case format for risk-based decision-making is great.”—Pat Ooley

“So much new information—I can’t list it all!”—Anonymous

We’ll Be B-a-c-k!

This year is not the first time* AABB has enjoyed Anaheim as the Annual Meeting host city, nor will it be the last. The selection process for our October venue keeps us in balance—East Coast, West Coast, Heartland. For those who like to plan ahead, cities for future AABB Annual Meetings include the following:

2016       Orlando                Oct. 22-25

2017       San Diego            Oct. 7-10

2018       Boston                  Oct. 13-16

2019       San Antonio       Oct. 19-22

2020       Baltimore            Oct. 3-6

2021       Anaheim              Oct. 16-19

2022       Orlando                Oct. 1-4

2023       Nashville              Oct. 14-17

2024       Atlanta                 Oct. 5-8

2025       San Diego            Oct. 25-28

*first time was 1974; then again in 1982 and 2007.

Challenges in Moving Your Lab

Moving can be overwhelming under the best of circumstances; when moving an entire lab, the challenges and incredible amount of planning involved can create a whole new layer of headache. A facility move requires meticulous planning and implementation.

In the session “I Like to Move It, Move It! Challenges in Moving Your Lab” (9404-QE-CT), Olive Sturtevant, MHP, MT(ASCP)SBB, SLS, CQA(ASQ) provided comprehensive information on planning a new lab and preparing for a move, using her own experience of leading her facility’s move to an adjacent building. Matthew Wilgo, BS, shared equally detailed information from his own experience of helping to lead his facility’s move to a new location 30 miles away.

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